Underwater family portrait

Here's a post I've been meaning to write for quite some time…almost a year in fact. What has made me finally get around to posting it? The timely reminder of producing the second family portrait for Tahnee and Simon.

So what's the deal? We have an actor and a comedian (yes I know it sounds like the start of a joke) and every year they produce a cool Christmas card to send out — it's a bit of keeping in touch and a bit of fun… ok a whole lot of fun). Each year it's different, a different location, a different photographer, a different theme.

This year they called me up and asked 'hey, what can you do?'. Well, I instantly thought 'underwater photography', let's do it ocean side so no pools, with clothes and in a local ocean bath where the water is a bit more controlled. 

After plenty of miss-fires with schedule clashes (try and get three self employed creatives plus children's calendars to match up) we finally got a date. Next problem, we'd had so much bad weather that the only ocean bath with some depth was filthy, quick re-schedule and we ended up in Terrigal.

The next issue was water temp, this was October and whilst the outside temperature was heating up the water was still around 17ºC and their son had been quite sick the last week. 

Like a trooper he carried on but we didn't have a big window of opportunity. 

And here is the result…

To check out a couple more pics from the photoshoot head on over here

Underwater family xmas card