This post goes out to all the people that are worried about never having posed or modeled in front of a camera underwater.

To be quite honest, most of the people I photography underwater (with the exception of mermaids and freedivers) haven’t gone underwater and paid much attention to how they look.

Now on that note, mermaids and freedivers are concerned for two very different reasons (generally). Mermaids want to look good underwater, there’s makeup, beautiful tails, shell bikini tops, bright colours and all these wonderful things. They are there to look beautiful. Freedivers are concerned with how they look underwater for the streamlining. Am I diving with the most efficient fluid motion, are my elbows in, my chin tucked in, my legs are straight, toes pointed out.

I digress.

So when it comes to talking to a model or client about an upcoming shoot one of the concerns is, ‘I’ve never done this before and don’t think I will look good’ ‘I’ll look like a fish out of water’.

Don’t stress, I spend time with you before we even our toes wet, going over breathing and posing and how to relax.

These photos are of Tanika who had never done an underwater photography session before and had similar concerns. How do you think we went on this day??

Graeme TeklenburgComment