Long Jetty Sunset

Well I've got to say that's it's been a while since I got out for any landscape photography. In fact, I don't think I've gone out much at all since moving to the Fuji X Series cameras.

Why you may ask? Well I've been enjoying capturing people so much since changing systems that I have focussed a fair bit on that. 

This week I had the urge to get out for a sunset. I hadn't really looked at the weather, clouds, sun position or anything. I just picked up the camera, tripod, a couple of lenses and spare batteries (that's something I never used to do) and headed out to Long Jetty.

When I got there I was treated to a pair of swans basking in some beautiful god light so I grabbed a few pics of them before setting up the tripod. 

I'm still waiting on an adapter for my filters so there was a bit of hand holding an ND filter in front of the lens for a few shots but all in all I'm pretty happy with the spontaneous decision to head out and definitely enjoyed the getting back to a bit of landscape work :)

Another tick for the Fuji from me and love the little Samyang lens.