Heavenly Light

I often talk about the unpredictability of taking photos underwater. Whether they are beauty, family, engagement or maternity photos. Whether it is in a controlled environment like a pool or in the ocean. They all have something in common – aside from water 😉

Unpredictability and the element of surprise.

This is a good thing. When I shoot land based session, and it’s not that often anymore, you pretty much know what you are going to get and can plan fairly easily for it. Underwater photography creates more challenges here. Light has a mind of it’s own, reflections do their own thing, clothes come to life and dance in front of you – sometimes more akin to my aweful dancing.

But here’s the beauty in it all. You get magic. When the light, reflections, clothes and human form all come together you get the surprise.

I love this shot from a recent shoot as the light rays just came in at the perfect moment.

Feeling blessed 😊

Graeme TeklenburgComment