Graceful in red

I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing mumma recently and truth be told it’s experiences like this that humble me.

Kat turned up bubbly happy and excited for our session, this in spite of being in the middle of moving her growing (this was number four) family seven hours north and all that this trial entails.

We got underway, this particular dress was one that Kat wore for her senior year ball – it was amazing. All through our session Kat just took on board all the coaching and it we got the photos we wanted.

It turns out that she was still suffering morning sickness that morning and had it like this for all her previous pregnancies. I remember my wife going through hell with morning sickness and wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, but to have that through your whole pregnancy and still show up like this!!!! No wonder Kat wore read…superwoman.

All joking aside this was a humbling experience and really shows the reliance and love of a mother. To me it makes images like this more powerful by showing the grace and beauty that live with that strength.