Family photo shoot at Stockton beach

It's that time of the year again to do one of those awesome shoots where you do something out of the ordinary, a bit of fun and just a bit quirky.

As usual I can't say much at this stage as the final photo and concept will be under wraps until the end of the year but what I can say is it was an brilliant day for a family shoot on the beach. It's the middle of winter, the sun is out – I mean come on, it's shorts and t-shirt weather – though it's a bit windy. 

All good, my Fuji X-T1 is weather sealed though now I slightly regret only shooting primes and having regular lens changes...wind...sand...hmm, not an ideal combination.

The other thing that's bugging me a bit is I'm used to shooting twin XT-T1s but my other one has gone off to Fuji for sensor remapping and the main power board needs replacing. It stopped recognising any of my lenses, which is never a good thing, and was displaying the dreaded F0 error. Oh well I guess that's why you should always have a back up.

Back to the shoot, we were there for the afternoon and it was a cracker day. I don't normally take my family on shoots but as it was a Saturday and a couple of hours up the coast and a beach I dragged them along. Dragged, ha, not much dragging to do when there's the chance of exploring a new beach.

So did we get the shot? Hell yeah. 
Can you see it? Hell no, not yet anyway.

But here's a few others from the day.


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