Cheeky personified

This one goes out to all the mums with those cheeky little boys in their house.

There’s that unwritten rule, never work with animals or kids. Hang on, is it unwritten? Come to think of it this is such a truth that maybe it was the 11th one on the stones Moses found a couple of thousand years ago ;)

Anyway, sure it can be a challenge to work with kids. What I have found though is that when it comes to water, kids just love to play and as a photographer I really couldn’t ask for more.

When I’m photographing fine art underwater there is direction and posing and plenty to think about for both myself and my clients.

With kids on the other hand it’s a bit different. Most love to play in and under water and then we get magic from the play. Why is that? Because in play is where children come alive and really become themselves and that is when you will get the most beautiful moments that a parent lives for.

To capture this moment is something special.

Here is one such moment. Cheekiness personified!!

Graeme TeklenburgComment