A morning in the bush

We were going to head out to the local waterfalls today but on contemplation...no rain for what seems like months doesn't make for great waterfalls and it would mean pooch spends the day at home in the heat.

Strickland State Forest it is.

Again not much water here, in fact it's looking pretty arid in the creek beds and where there is normally a pond/billabong it was dry. Still, under the canopy of the bush with a breeze blowing through it was nice and cool here. 

We bumped into the Friends of Strickland on one of their working bees clearing lantana from the Bell Bird Trail and the fire marshals were out due to the total fire ban.

It's a nice day out and a chance to get a bit of family photography done which I'm pretty lax about at times and obviously pooch enjoyed being allowed to run free in the bush.